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SKE Storage & Handling Systems: SKE's famous Powder Storage and Handling Systems can be found throughout the UK. In fact up to 90% of WTP in Northern Ireland have a SKE system installed. SKE can cater for a of range powders including corrosive and hazardous powders.

With our experience and reliability we offer a wide range of applications and systems, custom designed to suit the specification. SKE technical support provides advice and guidance from design through to installation, with after care and advice as paramount.

SKE offers a range of construction materials depending on application including mild steel, AISI 304/316 stainless steel and aluminium. Systems can include; Storage Silo's, Sodimate discharge facilities, Inherent weighing and measurement, Mixing and blending facilities and definitive controls. Ladders, hand-rails and fall guards etc. can also be provided to ensure health and safety measures are met.

The product can be blown into the silo by tanker or fed by a conveyor. Dust filters at the top of the silo are the initiated as the silo fills. Load cells at the base of the silo give and accurate indication of weight. Material bridging can be eliminated using dehumidifiers and Sodimate arch-breakers. The material is then conveyed to the mixing tanks and metered accurately using calibrated weigh hoppers. When the measured dose of powder enters the tank it is mixed into the liquid with electric mixers. Baffle plates inside the tank ensure a turbulent flow and homogeneous mix. Solenoid valve then initiates flow when mixing is complete.

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