Skid Steer Stone Crusher



Stone crushers with a max working depth and grinding diameter of 6 inches for skid steer loaders between 80 and 120 HP equipped with a high flow kit. Designed and built for High Flow skid steers. The compact size make it the ideal solution for dirt and gravel roads, bike and horse trails, driveways, curbs, landscaping and smaller job sites as well as agricultural land reclamation. The spiral rotor configuration creates perfect crushing and the HARDOX® counter knives allow you to adjust the size of the final product. The rear hydraulic door is used to adjust the amount of material exiting the crushing chamber.

  • 125 cc hydraulic piston motor with double relief valve with anti-cavitation and brake function,
  • adjustable HARDOX-counter blade,
  • inner hydraulic dosing hood with adjustable cylinder for better output material regulation,
  • soil penetration skids,
  • working pressure control gauge,
  • hydraulic hoses.

For tractors between 60 and 300 hp. Professional and reliable high production rock crusher for large commercial jobs; it is capable of crushing rock up to 12 inches in diameter with working depths up to 10 inches. It represents the model of excellence for stone crushing, and it is recognized as a benchmark in worldwide reputation thanks to its performance and reliability.
It is designed and built for dirt and gravel road construction and maintenance.

Quality materials, FAE technology and the attention to detail guarantee strength and durability over time.
The dual transmission technology provides constant and consistent torque at both ends of the rotor.
High resistant HARDOX® steel technology guarantees a long term investment. HARDOX® steel for high wear resistance allows longer life to the wearing parts of the machine, including the skid shoes and the plow tips of the skids.
The internal adjustable counter blades determine the desired size of the final product.
The hydraulic adjustable rear door has two functions:
– keeping material in the crushing chamber longer or shorter based on the position -which then determines the size of the final product
– designating the quantity of material that exits the crushing chamber

The optional Road Kit, includes a dozing blade and a grader blade. The dozing blade is attached to the rear door and will contribute to a precise dozing process when needed. The grader blade is attached to the mainframe and controlled by hydraulic cylinders. It uses “plug & play” technology, easily attaching and detaching to the machine based on need. The grader blade also has an adjustable spring for ground pressure to achieve the desired grading and compaction of the final product.

The grader blade is adjustable vertically as well as horizontally in order to create “spine type grading” when working on dirt roads requiring a center spine to reduce erosion.

Multiple tooth options for different conditions and various types of rock.

  • The standard equipment includes:
  • double side transmission,
  • PTO drive shaft with cam clutch,
  • gearbox with freewheel,
  • adjustable skids with interchangeable ploughshare and skid shoe,
  • hydraulic rear hood,
  • dosing blade mounted on the rear hood,
  • adjustable counter knives.
  • teeth type STC/3

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