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The Cross section of the decanter above shows the side wall of the decanter; the weir with the locking rod attached to the top lip; trap door and foam barrier. In the first picture above on the left the decanter is shown as if to be floating with the out side and inside water level being the same. The level out side would be 2” down the foam barrier. On the inside the water level will be the same; above the tip of the weir. The weir is hollow and will float on the fluid on the inside of the decanter. In this picture the weir is elevated and the locking rod is holding the trap door to prevent solids from entering the decanter. The is how the inside of the decanter will look when the control valve for the decanter is closed.

In the second picture above on the right the decanter is shown as if to be floating with the out side water level still about 2” down the foam barrier and the inside level lower with the control valve open. As the level on the inside of the decanter is lowered the weir will drop. The dropping of the weir will allow the locking rods to release. The out side pressure will force the trap door open initiating flow into the decanter.

The pictures above show the service door open and the floating decanter progress through a cycle. The first picture on the left shows the decanter idell. As the pictures show from left to right the control valve is openning further and the flow increases in the decanter. Notice the foam floating on the out side not being affected by the flow being drawen into the decatner 6” 10” below the surface.

  • Higher flow rates achieved with multiple heads.
  • 304/316 Stainless Steel Construction, Sump, and Lifting Bracket 12 gage; Float and Weir 18 gage
  • Flow rate set to a desired rate of decanting normally 2.8 cubic meters per minute per meter of weir
  • ANSI Flange Bolt Pattern Standard
  • Flow rate assumes at least a 18in head
  • Dimensions and specifics subject to change without notice

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