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Skimming Units with Roller



Skimming units is designed for after crop tillage in order to prepare field for standard cultivation. Skimming units with tubular roller are also available in the offer. Skimming units with tubular roller are designed to be used on the heavy, firm soils and while maize growing.  Technical data and parameters fulfils European standards in the range of usage and service safety and ergonomics. High efficiency is a result of applying the newest computer-aided design methods. Optimal lifetime and strength has been reached thanks to a design parametric modeling with 3D system and versatile design analysis MES systems.

Skimming roller are equipped with drill shoe with undercutting device. It provides deeper mixing plant residues with soil. Wide tine interspace of42,5 cm and 65 cmdistance between frame and ground level enable smooth work on the field covered with plant residues. The screw safety device prevents from running onto an obstacle. Leveling discs fastened on the deflecting frame of the roller are advantageous because of overload absorbing and tracking the roller position. The roller enables also setting the Tillage outfit working depthup to 15 cm.

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