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- Model LPV - Ventilation​​ System



SKOV's LPV system is a classic low-pressure system for use in pig production, which can be adapted to most pig houses. The system is developed for the temperate parts of the world and comprises a number of components which together ensure optimal climate conditions for the animals.

The system

All animals have different climate requirements during their life cycle. An LPV ventilation system ensures precise adjustment of temperature, air humidity, air velocity, etc. Fresh air is supplied to the house means of either wall, ceiling or roof inlets and the climate is regulated by adjusting the speed by which the air is supplied to the house, among other things. In order to extract the used air out of the house, SKOV has developed an aerodynamic chimney with the most energy-efficient fan on the market, which is regulated by a modern house computer. SKOV’s house computer contains all necessary functions for regulating the house climate with consideration for the animals’ climate requirements, while also being easy to operate.

Extension options

According to need, the LPV system can be expanded to include both heating and cooling systems, just as an alarm and emergency opening system can be established and air cleaning and FarmOnline®, which is SKOV's farm management system, can be added.

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