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For the removal of toilet tar and other deposits from aircraft toilet systems. Deep Soak is a highly concentrated toilet cleaner for removing tar-like deposits and accumulated paper build up from aircraft toilet tanks and systems. It is best used as a regular system cleaner for both vacuum and recirculating toilets, however, Deep Soak can also be used to clean toilet systems that have been removed from aircraft for major overhaul. Why is Deep Soak needed? As well as normal toilet usage, various fluids are often emptied into an aircraft toilet including tea, coffee, milk, alcohol, orange juice etc. The combination of these fluids creates a significant tar build up that is very sticky and difficult to remove by normal methods.

The Advantages of Deep Soak

  • Excellent tar remover & system cleaner
  • Concentrated formula provides powerful performance
  • Improves daily toilet performance that helps to prevent foul odours.
  • Safe on aluminum, steel, magnesium & other aircraft materials
  • Free from harsh chemicals, safe for disposal
  • Complies with AMS1530B documentation
  • Dual Purpose Can be used via the top dose method or from the bowser/toilet cart

Used on a regular basis, this product will clean the aircraft tanks & systems and maintain the efficiency of the filters, pumps, tanks and pipe work. Use regularly on Vacuum and Recirculating toilets to prevent system blockages and foul odours.

Usage guidelines for toilets on board the aircraft.

Regular weekly cleaning programs

  • Add 2 liters of undiluted Deep Soak to each toilet. Flush once then leave toilets for minimum 2 hours.
  • Flush once then leave toilets for minimum 2 hours.
  • After soak time toilets can re-enter service without rinsing.

General maintenance every 3 to 4 months

  • Deep Soak can be used undiluted or mixed with water 50/50.
  • Fill the waste pipe system with Deep Soak back to the toilet bowl.
  • Check aircraft manuals for lock out valves/levels/sequence to avoid overfilling any bowl in the system.
  • Allow a minimum 4 hours before emptying the system. Flush with water to remove mixture and deposits

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