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A specialist descaler for use in aircraft toilet systems. Skykem Pipe and Tank Cleaner is specifically designed to descale aircraft toilet systems in order to prevent pipe blockages or sensor, valve or flap failure. Regular maintenance prevents toilet problems that can force crew to lock down toilets. It also helps the toilet system to flush better and perform perfectly to prevent foul odours.

Why is Skykem Pipe and Tank Cleaner needed
In constant daily use aircraft toilets collect solid and liquid wastes that naturally form lime scale and calcium deposits throughout the toilet system.

The build-up of scale prevents sensors from working properly and slowly blocks valves and pipe work. This immediately restricts the flow of water/waste and this causes bad toilet odours in the cubical and cabin.

If left untreated the scale build-up will eventually cause the system to fail in flight frustrating aircrew and passengers and resulting in costly maintenance work and aircraft down time.

Pipe and Tank Cleaner has been specially designed to deal with the build-up of scale deposits and helps maintain a fully functioning toilet system.

The Advantages of Pipe and Tank Cleaner

  • Fast acting formula with optimised viscosity level to fully coat the system.
  • Descales quickly and safely, suitable for disposal to any toilet waste drain
  • A high level of active ingredients to maximize performance
  • Does not require crushed ice additive
  • Does not require hot water, works effectively straight from the bottle..
  • Safe on aluminum, steel, magnesium & other aircraft materials
  • Chloride free solution
  • Safe for air and sea transport and safe for disposal to the sewage system.
  • Passes every single protocol of AMS 1640B - check your current product achieves this.

Usage guidelines for toilets on board the aircraft.

Regular weekly cleaning programs

  • Add 2 Litres of Pipe and Tank Cleaner to each toilet. (Crushed Ice is not required).
  • Flush once then leave toilets to soak for 2 – 4 hours.
  • After soak time flush the toilet with clean water and then empty the main waste tank.

General maintenance every 3 to 4 months

  • Pipe and Tank Cleaner should be used undiluted. (Crushed Ice is not required).
  • Fill the Toilet pipe system with Pipe and Tank Cleaner back to the toilet bowl.
  • Check aircraft manuals for levels/sequence to avoid overfilling any bowl in the system.
  • Allow a minimum 4 hours before emptying the system. Flush with water to remove mixture and deposits. Empty the waste tanks before putting the aircraft back in service.

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