Model PMA 2110 - UVA Sensor



The PMA 2110 UVA sensor provides fast and accurate irradiance measurement in the UVA region. Its spectral response covers the 320 to 400nm range. The Teflon diffuser assures an angular response close to a cosine function (Lambertian response) making it suitable for measuring diffused radiation or radiation from extended sources.

When used with the PMA2100 or PMA2200 UV meters, the measured irradiance is displayed in mW/cm2 or W/m2 and the integrated dose is shown in Joules/cm2 or kJoules/m2. The PMA2110 has a resolution of 0.001 mW/cm2 and a full scale of 200mW/cm2 allowing measurement of very weak and very strong signals with the same detector. The effect of stray light is negligible. The unit can also be configured to measure the range 0-1000mJ/cm2

UVA is less biologically effective than UV-B (280-320nm, but it has much greater intensity in sunlight and many artificial sources, so UVA can have significant biological effect. The UVA radiation can also penetrate deeply into human living tissue through the skin. Commonly known effects of UVA include: photosensitization of various chemicals, pigmentation of the skin, induction of polymerization. The UVA can also cause erythema or DNA damage in humans or animals.

The PMA2110 detector is ideal for measuring mercury, xenon, metal halide or fluorescent lamps, commonly used for studies in the UVA region, as well as sunlight.

  • Laboratory and industrial radiometry
  • UV curing, printing and photolithography
  • Skin and SPF testing
  • Clinical studies
  • Phototherapy
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Material testing
  • UV-A transmission measurements

  • High sensitivity
  • Dynamic range 2*105
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Cosine corrected
  • NIST traceable calibration
  • Radiometric units
  • 320nm to 400nm spectral range

Angular response:5% for angles <60°
Range: PMA2110 - 200 mW/cm2, 2000 W/m2
PMA2110A-UW – 20,000 µW/cm2, 200W/m2
PMA2110C – 2 mw/cm2, 20 W/m2, 2000 µW/cm2
PMA2110L – 20mW/cm2, 200 W/m2, 20000 µW/cm2

Display resolution: PMA2110 - 0.001 mw/cm2, 0.01W/m2
PMA2110A-UW – 0.1µW/cm2, 0.001 W/m2
PMA2110C – 0.001mW/cm2, 0.001 W/m2, 0.01µW/cm2
PMA2110L – 0.001mW/cm2, 0.01 W.m2, 0.1µW/cm2

Underwater housing
Operating environment: 32 to 120 °F (0 to +50 °C) no precipitation
Temperature coefficient: <0.1%/°C for solar radiation
Cable: 5ft (1.5m)
Diameter: 1.6' (40.6 mm)
Height: 1.8' (45.8 mm)
Weight: 7.1 oz. (200 grams)

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