Steinco Fish Farming Technology

Steinco Fish Farming Technology

- Uses Small Amounts of Water


The SlideSorter uses no electricity and can be paired with pumps and lifts - fits extraordinary well with our FishLift. One sorter sorts into two sizes but two can be put together to sort into three sizes.

The SlideSorter is easy to use, and requires neither power nor water. One sorter can sort into two sizes whereas two can sort into three. The sorter can be paired with a variety of pumps or lifts, including our Steinco FishLift. Combined with the FishLift the fish can be lifted directly onto the sorter or through a connector duct for greater distances, which uses small amounts of water.


The SlideSorters specifications are based on how many sorts it sorts into as well as capacity.

SlideSorter Parts

The SlideSorter is constructed of 6 parts. Each part is <40kg meaning that they can be handled by one person.

SlideSorter Combinations

The SlideSorter can be set up to sort into two sizes (SlideSorter 1800) or three sizes (SlideSorter 2800). Theses combinations can be paired with either a pump or our FishLift.

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