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- Model C350 - Turf Reinforcement Mat for Erosion Control



Slope Guard C350 is a polypropylene and coir composite turf reinforcement mat for protection and growing of grass on slopes and channels subject to erosion.

Natural vegetation can inherently provide good soil erosion protection, but in certain situations vegetation needs help to get established and then to remain in place. Especially on steep slopes or areas subject to occasional high velocity flows like spillways; shorelines subject to wave run-up or flood bunds. The vegetation can benefit from additional reinforcement to its root system to enhance its natural erosion resistance and so maintain both its function and attractive appearance.

Using an erosion control solution like Slope Guard C350 to reinforce vegetated slopers can bring a number of benefits:

  • cost effective, long term erosion control - provides better protection by strengthening the vegetation root system
  • immediate short term protection - covers bare slopes and helps establish good vegetation cover
  • easy and economical to install - simple and straightforward installation keeps costs to a minimum while maximising benefits
  • natural, environmentally friendly solution - an attractive, vegetated finish combines with environmentally safe materials for an ideal solution

  • three layered, three dimensional geomat
  • rectangular apertures
  • black netting with brown coir
  • coir fibre net PP net and PP thread
  • 13.3mm thickness tested to ASTM D 5199
  • 590g/sqm tested to ASTM D 5261
  • 2m x 30m roll size
  • 5kN/m tensile strength MD tested to ASTM D 4595
  • 8.3kN/m tensile strength TD tested to ASTM D 4595
  • 350N grab braking load MD tested to ASTM D 4632
  • 320N grab braking load TD tested to ASTM D 4632

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