Sludge Cone



Quick and effective removal of the faeces in the production units. Light and strong construction. Vacuum-shaped cone with steep and slippery slope resulting in minimal sludge accumulation on the sides of the cone. Can be delivered as single units or coupled in rows or groups. Can be cast with the concrete foundation and simply adapted into existing farms. Delivered with sand-filled rubber closing-ball, simplifying opening and closing when emptying out the sludge, and securing minimal amount of flushing water. Simple coupling with outlet-pipes in other plastic-materials. Simple installation. Simple operation and maintenance. Low transportation costs due to the low unit-weight of the sludge cone

  • Produced in PE (polyethylene)
  • U-profile frame in seawater resistant aluminium at the top of the cone for casting with the concrete foundation
  • Ø160/DN150 PE outlet-pipe
  • Dimensions: Length: 970 mm – Width: 970 mm – Height: 1.050 mm
  • Weight: 11 kg

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