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Sluice Gates Drive



Our range of Feugier environnement sluice gates with capacities ranging from 0.25T to 70T is entirely designed and manufactured at the heart of our design office and production workshop, and is in use as: hydroelectric barrages, river barrages, lock gates, irrigation perimeters, water treatment basins, aquaculture.

According to your specific requirements, we will provide a sluice gates drive adapted to your needs.

Designers and manufacturers of sluice gates drive since 1821, our experience over many years is testimony to the quality of our future projects.

Our single geared sluice gates drive:

  • Direct sluice
  • Single M512 sluice
  • M512 sluices coupled
  • Single geared sluices
  • 000D sluice

Our twin geared sluice gates drive:

  • twingeared sluice manual/motorized rack normal/reinforced
  • Coupled twingeared sluices manual/motorized rack normal/reinforced

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