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CTS pumps have an innovative grinding system. Positioned in front of the vacuum rotor, a pin fixed disk with sharp profiles cut the material passing between knives and against-couteaux.Les hydraulic components (wheel and pump bodies) have been specially designed for large passage sections and high yields. The electric motor is designed to run dry, protected against liquid penetration by two mechanical seals, cooled and permanently lubricated. The shaft is supported by robust ball bearings, protected and lubricated for life. Three of its thermal, embedded in the stator winding, intervene in case of overheating higher at 132 ° C, by cutting the power. It is warranted IP 68 protection and insulation class H

Maximum height of discharge: 20 m

Maximum flow: 324 m3 / h

There are two versions of CTS pumps: use in horizontal or vertical .

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