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The newly developed change-over flap system on mixer top fill pumps has heightened the performance of pumps. It also has a revamped attachment system and a simple means of changing the marine bearing. With the availability of modern technology at our factory, engineers over a lengthy period, have set about developing a slurry pump with greater output than any pump already available. Since the introduction of the Super 350 in early 1995, this has proven to be the case for the many farmers and contractors who have purchased this pump. These developments are incorporated in all models of the new series range.

Our newly launched Rapid pump boasts many outstanding features which allow us to expand our range of slurry pumps.

This pump has been primarily manufactured with the slurry contractor in mind, with its unique folding mechanism allowing for extremely easy hook up to the tractor.

Once mounted to the tractor, removal of the PTO shaft between pits is unnecessary. The use of heavy duty driveline allows for high capacity work load, this linked to a deep impellor output is aided via the 6' outlet which is reduced down to 5' at the spout. Due to the high output from the pump the flap is mechanically adjustable.  The pump also comes with a full safety platform and all hand controls are on the left hand side of the pump.

  • Top fill facility
  • Hydraulic lifting in pit
  • Hydraulic flap
  • Connectors for transfer pipes
  • Various transfer hose sizes

Simplicity in Operation

  • Quick attach linkage arm connections
  • No top link on standard models
  • HTL frame no need to remove PTO between pits
  • Self-locking device to secure pump when in transport
  • Locking device on top fill models better output
  • High output machines

High in Quality

  • Long life and heavy duty gearbox
  • Self-lubricating impeller bearing
  • Shear bolt protection on all models
  • All machines are fully galvanised
  • HTL frame no need to remove


  • Robust platform with rough surface to reduce slippage
  • Body protection frame
  • Stable when in working position

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