- Acid Distributors System



Uniform acid distribution throughout tower cross section area, low spray generation rate. No field adjustments are required to balance acid distribution.

Insensitive to distributor levelling or variation in liquid flow.

Sufficient liquid head is provided over the venturi orifice adapters to allow good turn down in acid flow without affecting the quality of acid distribution.

Gas flow restriction is minimised.

Elevation of the distributor into the gas space above the packing maximises the free area for gas flow through the packing. The risk of localised flooding resulting in high pressure drop is completely eliminated.

Resistant to blockage by packing and tower brick chips.

The venturi orifice adapters have large openings that allow small packing and brick chips, which may pass the strainer in the acid loop, to flow through thus maintaining reliable acid flow.

Use of corrosion resistant materials.

The distributor construction materials have been proven successful in sulfuric acid service. The materials have a tolerance to oleum and dilute acid resulting in low sulfate formation and extended equipment life. The reduction in sulfate level also increases acid product quality.

Symmetry of design.

The symmetric distributor layout minimises the number of components required in the assembly and reduces spares inventory requirements.

Ease of field repair.

All distributor components are bolted assemblies with spare parts readily available from stock.

Ease of inspection and cleaning.

The downcomer tubes are transparent and allow visual confirmation that acid is being discharged from all downcomers. External inspection ports can be provided in the tower wall so that the distributor can be cleaned without requiring tower entry.

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