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TheSmartDry™ belt dryerutilizes the available waste heat efficiently for the drying of sewage sludge. The sewage sludge is fed into theSmart Dry™ belt dryerby a matrix-free feeding. The patent pending feeding system is 100 % secure of plugging and allows the loading/feeding of sludge with dry solids content range between 15 to 70 %. The sewage sludge drying is carried out at low drying temperatures between 90 and 150°C (194 - 302°F) and monitored by our well-engineered control and safety technology. Therefore, the infamous risks linked to thermal drying are reduced to an absolute minimum.

1. Clever
The patented matrix-free feeding system provides a save granulation of the sludge without the risk of plugging. All dewatered or even pre-dried sludge with a DS content between 15% and 70% can be dried.

2. Robust
Only high quality components such as stainless steel or special plastic materials are used. Long life-time, high reliability and low maintenance are our main concerns.

3. User-friendly
Thanks to our Quick-Start and Quick-Stop function the SmartDry can just be switched on and off without removing the sludge. Time consuming start-up and shut-down procedures are a relict of the past. Even temporary unmanned operation is possible.

4. Efficient
The innovative concept grants highest energy efficiency. The typical heat requirement is not more than 850kWh per ton of evaporated water.

5. Quality
The Key Components are produced in Germany and Switzerland. Quality and reliability are our main concerns.

6. Proven Technology
Our engineers and suppliers are looking back on many years of experience in the field of thermal sludge drying and have designed some of the world's largest thermal sludge dryers.

7. Cost efficient and competitive
Where ever possible, quantity is replaced by quality and brainpower. Because in engineering less complicated sometimes means not only more benefit but also more reliability.

8. Open for the future
You can convert a SmartDry into a BlueDry by combining it with our waste-heat assisted SolarPlus drying plants. Or you can feed it with pre-dried sludge from solar drying plants. This is increasing the capacity but reducing the specific energy consumption by 30-70% !

9. Eco-friendly
Produce electricity instead of CO2 and costs only. You can use 100% of the waste heat from CHP-Stations for sludge drying with our Thermo-System CoGenDry-concept.

10. Operational Safety
Due to the low drying temperatures between 90 and 150°C and our new control and safety concept according to ATEX regulations, the known risks linked to thermal drying are reduced to a minimum.

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