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- Model 42 - High-Tensile/High-Modulus Woven Geotextile Sediment Fence


SMARTfence 42 is a heavy-duty High-Tensile/High-Modulus woven geotextile sediment fence designed to replace silt fencing with wire or chain-link backed supports and replace proprietary silt fences with attached reinforcing elements. SMARTfence 42 is designed to resist structural failure due to hydraulic overtopping of the fence. The woven geotextile is specifically designed and fabricated to withstand high-tensile stresses and prevent excessive material elongation and strain. The fence system will resist fence deflection and ultimate failure due to ripping, sagging, or overturning as hydrostatic and hydrodynamic forces associated with excessive backwater depths, debris flows and overtopping move against the fence.

The SMARTfence 42 is a value engineering approach, providing a strong siltation fence equivalent in strength and stiffness to that of wire and chain-link backed sediment fencing for less cost, significantly lower carbon emissions during materials manufacturing, and less material waste produced at the end of the service life of the fence. SMARTfence 42 is also a 100% American-Made product.

Table 1 is a comparison of 14-gauge wire-backing and 9-gauge chain-link fence structural characteristics versus the same structural properties for the Smartfence® 42. The Modulus of Elasticity is a measure of material stiffness.

Table 1. Structural comparisons between wire and chain-link backing versus SMARTfence® 42

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