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- Plug Flow Dry Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Technology



Zero Waste Energy offers a high solids system for facilities larger than 15,000 tons per year  for almost any organic material utilizing Thöni’s plug flow high solids anaerobic digestion technology for biogas production. Based on its 25 years of experience and specialist knowledge, Thöni’s plug flow digester is ideal for dry organic waste, even if it contains a high level of impurities. Key components, such as the accessible, heated, digester floor and the robust and powerful paddle-shaft, are proven and patented. This SMARTFERM plug flow process is characterized by high performance, low operating costs and ease of maintenance.

The core of the Thöni process is the unique plug flow digester capable of treating relatively dry, high-solids, material. A slowly rotating paddle-shaft ensures the optimal mixing of the digestion substrate, ensuring a high biogas yield. Heating elements, through which hot water flows, heat up the substrate. A piston pump transports the digestion residue from the digester via a system of pipes to the next treatment step. Part of the digestion residue is returned to the digester as inoculum, enriching the fresh input material with a defined quantity and quality of micro-organisms.

This SMARTFERM system provides the ability to scale very well for higher facility throughputs to over 100,000 tons per year.  The unique process features offered make for an ideal solution for the production of renewable natural gas for the local collection fleet or pipeline injection.

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