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Model SMB-SMB-C - Mechanical Booster Pump



Two shafts are placed in parallel, to which two balanced cocoon-shaped rotors are fixed respectively, and they are driven by a motor. As the rotor is rotated, the gas coming in through the suction port is trapped in the space between the casing and rotors, and then exhausted continuously through the exhaust port, producing vacuum in an efficient manner.

A mechanical booster pump is not designed to compress and discharge the gas to the atmospheric pressure. Its performance varies with the type and performance of the second-stage pump. Therefore, it is essential to select a second-stage pump most suitable to the required purpose when to construct an exhaust system that uses a mechanical booster pump.

Technical Info:

  • To select a pump, assume the exhaust capacity of the second-stage pump to be 1/2 to 1/10.
  • Select a large-capacity pump for the pressure of the case of continuous running at relatively high operation pressure and select a small-capacity pump for the pressure of the case of continuous running at low operation pressure.
  • Utilizing the advantage of performance of oil-sealed rotary pump and water-ring pump, select an oil-sealed rotary pump for the second-stage pump for operation at high vacuum, and select a water-ring pump for exhausting a massive volume of condensable gas at low vacuum.
  • Since various combinations of pumps are possible according to the specifications, do not hesitate to contact us before making the final decision.

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