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- Reusable Charcoal Smell Eliminator, Air Purifier & Dehumidifier



All-natural moso bamboo activated charcoal deodorizer. Quick & easy to use - just set pouch near odor source. Removes odors from chemical & microbial pollutants. Dehumidifier - prevents mildew odors & corrosion. Reusable - Money Saver - Reactivates in sunlight. Portable, powerful, and fragrance-free. Completely safe for use around people & pets. Sustainable moso bamboo ingredients - recyclable. 150 sq. ft. odor removal coverage - last for years. High absorbency - surface area > several football fields.

A Breath of Fresh Air in More Ways than One

SmellRid™ Reusable Activated Charcoal Smell Eliminator Pouch is the perfect solution for getting rid of your tough odor problem now and cleaning your air. As an added bonus, it will also dehumidify your environment. Providing 150 sq. ft. of coverage, it works effectively in any space that nasty odors invade.

You can simply set the handy SmellRid™ charcoal pouch near the odor and it's eliminated! It's that easy! Then you may reactivate in sunlight and reuse over and over again to save.

SmellRid™ is made from 100% all-natural sustainable moso bamboo activated charcoal to keep you and your environment safe. Use for safely deodorizing bedrooms, closets, laundry rooms, cars, boats, gym lockers, clothes hampers, mudrooms, and countless other areas odors may invade.

Vile Odors Invading Your Home?

When unpleasant odors invade your home and rear their smelly heads, you want a safe chemical-free solution that's easy to use, provides immediate results, and is long lasting.

Unfortunately, grabbing the nearest spray can of 'air freshener' and fragrance-blasting the offending area isn't the answer. Such sprays only cover the odor with heavy fragrances, filling the air with pollutants and coating walls, floors, and furniture with chemical residues. Once the spray dries, the fragrance dies - and the odor returns.

SmellRid™ to the Rescue!

Fortunately, SmellRid™ Reusable Activated Charcoal Smell Eliminator Pouches can come to your rescue. For long lasting smell removal, simply place a pouch near the odor and the moso bamboo activated charcoal instantly begins eliminating the odor and purifying the air naturally. It's that easy!

SmellRid™ activated charcoal pouches can remove all types of nasty smells, whether they are a one-time issue, such as harmful chemicals being off-gassed from newly laid carpet or a persistent problem, such as a musty smell in your basement or laundry room.

Reusable & Long-Lasting

You can confidently control odors, as well as odor-causing humidity, without adding pollutants or overpowering fragrances to the air. Our all-natural activated charcoal ingredients are completely safe, non-toxic, and fully recyclable, but best of all: they are reusable for years! This means your SmellRid™ moso bamboo activated charcoal pouches are a truly long-lasting odor removal solution, which saves you money!

You can reactivate your sustainable SmellRid™ odor elimination pouch by simply placing it in direct sunlight for one day. This allows the moso bamboo activated charcoal, a proven air-purifying ingredient, to be restored to full effectiveness. We recommend reactivating pouches that are in use on a monthly basis.

The superior odor removal effectiveness of SmellRid™ is due to the extraordinarily porous nature of our moso bamboo activated charcoal ingredients with over 7,500 sq. ft. of surface area per ounce. So a SmellRid™ X-Large Pouch will have a surface area bigger than a football field! This gives it an enormous capacity to absorb and trap tons and tons of contaminant molecules within billions of odor-absorbing pores.

BBQ charcoal briquettes are very different from our toxin-free porous activated charcoal. The harsh chemicals used for binding and making charcoal briquettes flammable clog up absorbent pores making them ineffective odor absorbers. They also tend to emit a chemical odor which can add to your problem.

Recyclable & Eco-Smart

SmellRid™ activated charcoal odor eliminator and air purifier pouches are also recyclable. Once a pouch has finally expended its odor-removing potential, simply cut it open and sprinkle the moso bamboo activated charcoal in your garden, where it will act as a nutrient and an aid in retaining soil moisture.

Eco-smart, chemical and toxin free, reusable and recyclable, SmellRid™ Reusable Activated Charcoal Smell Eliminator Pouches are superior to fragrance air sprays, chemical deodorizers, and home remedies in every way. Plus they are the perfect solution for individuals suffering from allergies or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).

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