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Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy cooking as much as you enjoy eating?. Check out the recent addition to the Smith Steel product line. Our all steel welded BBQ smokers have been designed in house based on years of smoking experience with the goal of optimizing the cooking (and of course the eating!) experience. A treat for your senses ..there’s nothing like the smell and taste of food cooked over an open fire.

We wanted to build a BBQ smoker that was simple yet high quality and so our smokers are hand made in our shop, welded with sturdy ¼” mild steel (or we can build them in stainless steel) and accessorized by stainless steel temperature gauges and solid maple wood handles. 

Our BBQ smokers are dual purpose - built for slow smoking as well as quicker grilling over fire! Sear steaks or other meats at high temperatures directly on the firebox grill, warm sauces on the built in warming plate, grill burgers on the BBQ grill or smoke a ham or some fish in the smoking chamber. Experiment with different types of wood, like hickory and cherry. It’s up to you and it’s easy! Just don’t be upset when friends and family don’t wait for the food to be put on plates but instead gather around the smoker and grab juicy morsels directly off the grill! Finger licking tastiness! 

We currently have two standard sizes or we can easily customize to meet your specific needs. The larger size is perfect for cottages, entertaining big groups and large families, while the smaller size is great for smaller families and backyard smoking.

SMOKERS Features

  •  Handmade from ¼” mild or stainless steel
  •  Racks and hook in smoking chamber
  •  Firebox and BBQ Grill
  •  One 5” and one 3” stainless steel temperature gauge
  •  Flip-down shelving
  •  Warming plate on firebox grill
  •  Two ¼” maple wood handles


  •  Additional rack in front of BBQ grill
  •  Stainless steel grills
  •  Black walnut handles
  •  Two 5” temperature gauges
  •  Maple leaf wheels
  •  Colour Paint

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