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SnowFlake anionics are available in a range of charges and molecular weights. SnowFlake R, S, T, U and X are standards in potable water treatment where the low viscosities function well and provide outlet turbidities as low as 0.02 NTU! SnowFlake is, as far as we are aware, the most pure flocculant available. Residual monomer levels are more than one order of magnitude below international norms and can be certified to less than 50 ppm.

SnowFlake is a white, course grained, free flowing anionic powder. The particle size distribution is controlled by sieving to avoid dusting during application. It is fully soluble in water and saline with a bulk density of 0.65 g/mL.

The purest water at low costs
Water is a resource and Snowflake helps you manage this asset via a program where dosages are typically reduced and the water quality, as measured by turbidity.improved. Snowflake flocculants are free flowing quality powders guaranteed to run in a trouble free manner, with minimal operator presence.

SnowFlake is supplied in 25-kg plastic bags, or, alternatively in 500- or 750-kg big bags. It has a two year shelf life.

Water, the source of life       
Water is known as second most important element on earth, after the oxygen.Access to clean water is essential, not only to life, but also to a sustainable development. Water, in rivers, lakes, wetland and oceans, as well as out of your tap and bottled for your family, is a resource. AQUA+TECH is your partner to help maintain its cleanliness.

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