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- Commercial Electrodeionization and Reverse Osmosis Systems



SnowPure manufactures and sells pre-engineered, pre-assembled Commercial/Industrial EDI and RO systems to Qualified OEMs and Dealers for sale or lease to users. The E-series are fully instrumented. The KISS-series has no operator controls. The SnowPure automatic and self-monitoring DemandPure EDI systems can be easily paired with our matching DemandPure RO systems. These DemandPure products replace Commercial & Industrial portable exchange DI, and provide a recurring revenue (BOO or BOT) solution to dealers, whenever an exchange tank solution is not economical or welcomed.

  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • EDI interlocks with RO
  • EDI can work with existing RO systems
  • Integral quality monitor with alarm
  • Compact portable stainless steel skid design
  • Sleek, clean laboratory look

  • No resin to exchange
  • Operation cost is almost zero
  • Eliminates disruptive visits to Customers’ sites
  • Ideal for remote locations
  • Chemical-free, environmentally friendly

1. FCE = Conductivity + 2.79*(CO2) + 1.94*(SiO2)
Example: Conductivity=5.0μS/cm, CO2=3.5 mg/l, SiO2=0.5 mg/l
FCE= 5.0+2.79*(3.5)+1.94*(0.5) = 15.7 μS/cm
2. EDI performance can be estimated using EDICAD

*RO production rate and rejection are based on membrane performance after 24 hours at 180 psig (12.4 bar) net operating pressure, 77°F (25°C), pH 7.5, max 15% recovery per module on feed water containing 1,000 ppm NaCl. Flow tolerance is ±15%.


Electropure EDI Technology

  • No concentrate recirculation or brine injection
  • Thin-Cell efficient technology
  • Thin-Concentrate non-scaling technology
  • Unique non-scaling electrode system
  • Patented Excellion membranes

Doing business with SnowPure

  • Electropure EDI technology was born in 1977, before lonpure
  • SnowPure is privately held
  • SnowPure is your partner, not a competitor
  • High quality Electropure EDI training and OEM support

Benefits of Using EDI

  • Continuous Process-no upsets
  • Operating cost is minimized
  • No hazardous waste, no associated costs and risks
  • No regeneration acid or caustic
  • Flexible-easy to expand a modular EDI system
  • Reliable-no recirculation system components to fail

EDI Technology Training and OEM System Design Support

  • SnowPure believes strongly in training-this helps ensure field success with ElectropureIM EDI systems.
  • SnowPure assists new OEM customers through their system design phase.
  • Our customers also have access to our Best Practices P&ID's to aid in their EDI system optimization.
  • Combined with ongoing Technical Service, we help ensure success.

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