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- DC Power Supplies for Electrodeionization (EDI)



SnowPure has designed a modular DC switching power supply for its Electropure™ brand EDI modules.


• Compact - 5 x 5 x 13 inches
• Economic - only has the needed features
• Suitable for NEMA Enclosures
• Remote Panel-Mount Control (RS-232)
• 200 - 380 VDC 0-8 Adc
• Designed for:

  • XL-400 Series (200 VDC)
  • XL-500 Series (300 VDC)
  • EXL-600 Series (300 VDC)

• Enabled by Remote Interlock (flowswitch for auto startup and shutdown)
• CE Mark 

  • No concentrate recirculation or brine injection
  • Thin-Cell efficient technology
  • Thin-Concentrate non-scaling technology
  • Unique non-scaling electrode system
  • Patented Excellion'*' membranes

  • Electropure'' EDI technology was born in 1977. before lonpure
  • SnowPure is privately held
  • SnowPure is your partner, not a competitor
  • High quality Electropurem EDI training and OEM support

  • Continuous Process-no upsets
  • Operating cost is minimized
  • No hazardous waste, no associated costs and risks
  • No regeneration acid or caustic
  • Flexible—easy to expand a modular EDI system
  • Reliable—no recirculation system components to fail

  • SnowPure believes strongly in training—this helps ensure field success with Electropure' EDI systems.
  • SnowPure assists new OEM customers through their system design phase.
  • Our customers also have access to our Best Practices P&ID's to aid in their EDI system optimization.
  • Combined with ongoing Technical Service, we help ensure success.

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