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- Model XL-DER - High Temperature Stable EDI for Hemodialysis



XL-DER High Temperature Stable EDI Modules by Electropure products cover a range of flows from 50 l/h to 2.3 m3/hr, depending on the specific requirements of the customer. This product is optimized for preparing dialysate for hemodialysis centers. When operated in the specified manner, XL-DER can remove an additional 95% of endotoxins from RO permeate, making the dialysate even safer for patients.

  • Feed and product ports are 1-inch (1 ') Ladish Sanitary Fittings.
  • Modules come with sanitary clamps and seals.
  • Can be heat sanitized up to 85°C.
  • Designed for optimum ion and endotoxin removal.
  • Simple systems can be built with multiple modules in parallel.
  • Modules are manufactured with materials that are compliant with FDA CFR 21.
  • Non-functional show models are available for purchase on request.

  • XL-DER EDI purifies RO water for central kidney dialysis systems
  • XL-DER EDI removes endotoxins for healthier results
  • XL-DER EDI is heat-sanitizable to 85°C

In kidney dialysis, the purity of water is critical in order to protect patients from harmful contaminants like endotoxins. Endotoxins are byproducts of dead bacteria killed in the water purification system, and when not removed, may trigger fevers in patients. Since this water is in contact with a patient's own blood, it is critical to reduce endotoxins to the lowest possible level.

In a recent study in Japan, the use of Electropure''' XL-DER EDI further reduced endotoxin levels coming from the RO by an additional 95%, study published in the Journal of Bioscience Control.

It is expected that UV-RO-EDI-UF will become the new standard for the preparation of best practices hemodialysis water.

  • No concentrate recirculation or brine injection
  • Thin-Cell efficient technology
  • Thin-Concentrate non-scaling technology
  • Unique non-scaling electrode system
  • Patented Excellion membranes

Doing business with SnowPure

  • Electropure EDI technology was born in 1977, before lonpure
  • SnowPure is privately held
  • SnowPure is your partner, not a competitor
  • High quality Electropure EDI training and OEM support

  • Continuous Process-no upsets
  • Operating cost is minimized
  • No hazardous waste, no associated costs and risks
  • No regeneration acid or caustic
  • Flexible—easy to expand a modular EDI system
  • Reliable—no recirculation system components to fail

  • SnowPure believes strongly in training—this helps ensure field success with Electropure EDI systems.
  • SnowPure assists new OEM customers through their system design phase.
  • Our customers also have access to our Best Practices P&ID's to aid in their EDI system optimization.
  • Combined with ongoing Technical Service, we help ensure success.

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