SnowPure Water Technologies

- Model XL-SR - Sanitary EDI for Pharmaceutical and Laboratory


ELECTROPURE'' XL-SR modules are pharmaceutical EDI modules for producing high-resistivity USP Purified Water. They are configured to easily retrolit existing systems with added Electropure'' technology benefits, so the old troublesome Dow OmexelK'O and GE E-Cell CONCENTRATE RECIRCULATION IS ELIMINATED.

ELECTROPURE™ XL-SR modules have the compact Electropure profile and have Electropure™ EDI technology inside. This includes Electropure's patented Excellion™ membranes, our unique non-scaling electrode system, and our efficient thin-cell technology.

And with Electropure™ EDI thin-concentrate technology, there is no need for the troublesome Omexell® and E-Cell® recirculation system, so it can be eliminated from the system. With the mass-transfer built into Electropure™ EDI thin-concentrate technology, you don't need either salt injection or feed-and-bleed systems. You also don't need the IONPURE® 'all-filled' design.

  • No concentrate recirculation or brine injection
  • Thin-Cell efficient technology
  • Thin-Concentrate non-scaling technology
  • Unique non-scaling electrode system
  • Patented Excellion membranes

  • Electropure™ EDI technology was born in 1977, before lonpure
  • SnowPure is privately held
  • SnowPure is your partner, not a competitor
  • High quality Electropure™ EDI training and OEM support

  • Continuous Process-no upsets
  • Operating cost is minimized
  • No hazardous waste, no associated costs and risks
  • No regeneration acid or caustic
  • Flexible—easy to expand a modular EDI system
  • Reliable—no recirculation system components to fail

  • SnowPure believes strongly in training—this helps ensure field success with Electropure™ Electrodeionization systems.
  • SnowPure assists new OEM customers through their system design phase, both during the OEM training and during the design process. Support includes reviews of P&l diagrams and feedwater requirements.
  • Combined with ongoing Technical Service, we help ensure success.