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- Model GTM - Gas Transfer Membranes



SnowPure’s partnership with Liqui-Cel Gas Transfer Membranes (GTM) Contactors provides a solution which is used worldwide in many industries. We offer an easy-to-operate, modular solution for degassing and removing CO2 from water without chemicals and without large vacuum towers or deaerators.

Membrane degassifiers are used for removing CO2 from RO permeate prior to feeding EDI. The critical application for EDI is CO2 removal, but systems use GTM to remove O2 for meeting critical DO levels.

Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors are used extensively for treating RO permeate in the microelectronics, pharmaceutical, power, and industrial pure water markets just to name a few.

SnowPure recommends RO › GTM › EDI for applications where either CO2 levels are high, or where the requirement for removing silica (SiO2) is critical, such as semiconductor and power generation.

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