In waters with high levels of calcium or magnesium salts (hard water), build up in pipes are formed and required to use a large amount or concentration of detergent, soap, shampoo, gel, etc. for washing. Problem is accentuated by hot water (coffee makers, boilers, etc.) where fouling water with resistance is avoid, causing increased energy expenditure and progressive strength degradation. To soften water, softener or water softener is used. We offer different types of water softeners:           

Salt Softeners.                         
Resin Softeners.                         
Ferrite softeners.                         
Ecological Softeners by nanocrystallization.                     
Biodegradable chemical to prevent fouling and corrosion.

Protect pipes, sanitary appliances (washing machines, water heaters, faucets, refrigerators, showers, etc.) calcium excess and corrosion.                         
Help remove existing 'plaque' in plumbing.                         
Best skin care and hair because water contains excessive minerals, less itching problems, allergies, redness, etc.                         
Easier cleaning tile and appliances.                         
Longer life of plumbing and appliances.                         
Mayor water flow.                         
Saved cleaning products (less is needed).

Implementing field this technology is extensive, most common are:

Pharmaceutical industry.
Electronics industry.
Manufacture of food and drink.
Chemical Industry.
Agricultural and livestock industry.
Hotel industry.
Beauty salons and barber shops.
Water treatment for steam generators.
Water treatment for industrial processes.
Cooling towers.

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