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- Model SMT2 - Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor



Parameters under measurement: Soil Water volume content (WVC) (WVC), Soil temperature. Compatible with: MeteoSense base station/MeteoSense PRO, AgriSense/VineSense, Wireless unit AgriSense/VineSense, HandySense reader. Item Code, PS-0077-DD.

  • The TerraSense SMT2 sensor carries out the water volume content measurement, by measuring the soil dielectric constant.
  • The specific implementation features make the sensor insensitive to soil temperature and conductivity variations.
  • Furthermore, the internal analysis algorithms and the digital output allow high accuracy with all soil kinds, thus not requiring manual calibration.

Soil moisture sensor


  • accuracy: ± 3 %
  • Output: from 0 VWC to field saturation

Soil temperature sensor

  • Accuracy: 1 %
  • Resolution: 1 ° C
  • Output: - 20 + 50 ° C
  • Operative range: - 30 + 60 °C
  • International Protection: IP68
  • Standard operative cable: 180 cm
  • Power supply: standard 3-5VDC,on request 5-18 VDC
  • Output: serial protocol over RS485 interface.

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