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Soil Moisture Probes



The EnviroSCAN moisture sensor measures changes in moisture and root activity at different levels, allowing us to optimize the contribution of water and keep moisture at its optimum level for plant growth. Sending information via radio for safe and effective communication without wiring. You can download the data to the web server by GPRS and access the data from anywhere. There is possible integration with our CDN fertigation unit, for automatic and independent irrigation control of different sectors.

Features of the EnviroSCAN moisture probes:

  • Installed in the most active root zone
  • Low involvement of the roots and soil structure.
  • Multiple sensors with adjustable depths
  • Up to 16 sensors in one probe
  • Humidity or moisture/salinity sensors
  • Capacitive Technology
  • 500 mA consumption at rest.
  • 100 mA consumption reading
  • Power supply: 12 V DC
  • Resolution: > 1:10000 moisture
  • Resolution: > 1:6000 TriSCAN (Salinity)

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