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Soil Reef Gardeners Blend is an all-in-one biochar blended soil enhancement made with 50% biochar, top grade organic compost, organic worm castings and kelp meal. Our biochar is sustainably produced from wood waste and forest residue and is made in the U.S.A. At $47.95, including free shipping, our product is an unbeatable $1.37 per pound and a great value for a premium biochar blend. Approximate shipping weight is 35 lbs. A one cubic foot bag of Soil Reef treats up to 24 sq. ft. of garden space. Or mix in your containers, at approximately 10% by volume, with your potting medium.

Our all-purpose biochar blend contains ingredients that mimic the earth's natural makeup:

  • Sustainable Biochar - provides inorganic carbon, which builds soil and acts as a nearly permanent sponge to absorb nutrients and water, and creates a home for microorganisms.
  • Compost - provides immediate soil food with organic carbon and living soil microbes, building soil tilth and humus. Combined with biochar, the benefits of compost are more pronounced.
  • Worm Castings - provides nutrients, enzymes, and Actinomycetes bacteria, which fix nitrogen and break down tough organic matter into food plants can use.

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