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- Model SOK2030 - Organic Absorbent - Land Boom - Large



Sokerol Land Booms are the perfect absorbent containment tool for land based spills. Correct and timely application of booms in spill situations prevents contaminants from escaping to drains or into the surrounding environment. Booms are best used in conjuction with loose Sokerol absorbent where the boom is used to form an absorbent barrier around the spill and loose Sokerol is used to absorb the bulk of the spill. Booms are also great to place in and around leaky equipment or machinery, or to create a barrier around drains during spill cleanup.

  • On land, after securing the site to prevent further spillage, contain the spill using Sokerol Land Booms or by creating a perimeter of loose Sokerol around the spill. Once contained, generously cover the entire spill with loose Sokerol. Wait 1-2 minutes for maximum absorbtion and collect product with a broom, rake or scoop. Place used product into a container for disposal.
  • For use around equipment and machinery, locate the source and path of the equipment leak, position the boom appropriately so that the leak is being intercepted by the boom at its earliest point of travel along a suitable base (floor, on top of other machinery) be sure to position the boom at a point between the leak and any drainage that may exist in the surrounding area. One leak or spill has been remediated, place the boom into a container for disposal.
  • To prevent spills from entering drainage or to block the flow of contaminants from other portions of a space, mold the boom into the appropriately shaped perimeter around the drain or vent (circle, square, irregular, etc.) be sure that the boom is the appropriate length and does not leave a gap between ends. Depending on the size of the drain and spill, this may require multiple booms to achieve best results. If a spill is at risk of infiltrating adjoining rooms or spaces, use booms to create a barrier at the base of doors or other open paths to keep the spill in the immediately affected spill area and away from other uncontaminated spaces. Once the spill or leak has been remediated, place the boom into a container for disposal.

  • The Large Land Boom is the most effective boom offered by Sokerol for use as an absorbent containment barrier around a spill. At 3m in length, one Large Land Boom can contain a spill of nearly 1m in diameter. For larger spills, multiple Large Land Booms can be used to create larger and irregularly shaped absorbent containment barriers. 
  • Containing 2 kilograms of Sokerol, the Large Land Boom has the ability to absorb up to 6 litres of liquid, making it an equally effective containment and absorbent tool. 
  • The Large Land Boom is a great tool to stop the flow of contaminants from reaching drainage, one popular use for the Large Land Boom that restaurateurs have found is for placement around grease waste bins - where they can be fined for spills or leaks which reach public street drainage.

  • Product Reference Code: SOK2030
  • Each Large Land Boom measures 75mm x 3m
  • Contains 2 kilograms of loose Sokerol absorbent
  • Absorbs up to 6 litres
  • Has a black polypropylene casing
  • 2 Large Land Booms per box
  • 12 boxes per pallet 
  • MOQ: 1 pallet

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