Solar PV Panels and installation

Diez Energy Solutions (D.E.S) sells and installs Solar PV panels in North Texas. D.E.S has built a unique business model where the customer gets involved with the ordering and approval process. Becoming a GREEN user is about saving the environment and saving money. D.E.S is one of the most economical solar systems for your home and business. D.E.S. only uses the best equipment available, 25 year warranty on Solar panels and 10 Year warranty on Inverters. D.E.S. strives for all projects to be of high quality, reliable service and convenient installation for ALL our customers. D.E.S. will assist any customer obtain up to 50% return on the cost of any system after the first year. D.E.S has worked on simplifying our 7-step process from designing, sizing the correct solar system, ordering, lay-out approval with home owners associations, approval from current electrical companies and completing the final installation for the easy of our customers.

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