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Solar Slate is an innovative way of using solar energy in a practical and cost-effective way to help make houses warmer, drier and fresher. Many of the problems with cold damp houses are due to lack of heating and ventilation. Lack of fresh air also often leads to complaints of 'sick-building syndrome', and related health problems.

Solar slate now allows you to improve ventilation and dampness control without increasing your heating bill. In fact it can often reduce heating costs.

Solar Slate works by using the solar energy which falls on your roof. Over a year, you probably get more solar heat landing on your roof than you use in the house below! As long as there is light in the sky, solar energy is absorbed by your slates or tiles, which then become warmer than the outside air. On a bright sunny day, the slates or tiles can become too hot to touch. Even in overcast weather the roof surface is a few degrees higher than the outside air, Solar Slate captures this free solar heat to help warm and ventilate your house.

Solar Slate works by using a small fan, which is driven directly by solar power itself, to suck the solar heated warm, dry, fresh air from directly beneath your slates or tiles and to blow it gently through a flexible duct to a grille, normally mounted in the ceiling of the hallway of the house.

This warm, dry, fresh air then percolates into all the rooms leading from the hallway to chase away any cold and damp.
A small PV (Photo Voltaic) solar cell is located on the south facing slope of the roof and is connected directly to the fan, which is thus powered and controlled by the sun.

The Solar Slate system is entirely automatic and consumes no mains electricity at all. Obviously, it runs only during daytime hours when solar gain is available. A non-return valve prevents loss of heat at night or when the fan is not running. Noise levels are very low.

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