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- Model 550-H1500 - Cleanstream


Wide Range Chemical Bath Temperature Control System.On-board temperature control unit; works with the Switchback Power Supply or Power Supply/Temperature Controller to replace a remote chiller.Low flow, one-pass chemical temperature control.Direct cooling of process fluid in wet benches. For 2-40 liter semiconductor chemical baths

  • Why choose Cleanstream 550-H1500?
  • Cleanstream 550/H1500 direct temperature control is equivalent to a 1250 W Freon chiller and 1500 W heater in most applications
  • Contamination free: Eliminates possibility of metal contamination in baths!
  • Clean: HDPFA Teflon®-wetted surfaces on process side for ultra-high purity or corrosive fluids
  • Precise: Maintains temperature control to ± 0.05 ºC between 10 and 90 ºC.
  • Energy Saving:
  • Reduces power consumption by approximately 95% in near ambient applications compared to refrigerant based-based chiller.  Saves approximately $3250/yr in energy cost @ $0.10/kwhr
  • Compact: Fits inside most wet bench designs, eliminating off-board equipment
  • Reliable: Field data show MTBF > 500,000 hours
  • Simple: No maintenance; no moving parts to wear out
  • Fast response time: 10 times faster than response time of refrigerant-based chillers
  • Silent
  • Vibration-free

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