- Model BioCoverPro Series - High Density Polyethylene Liner Geomembrane (HDPE)



The use of high–density polyethylene (HDPE) liner as a cover material in anaerobic lagoons has gained popularity in South East Asia due to its excellent benefit-cost ratio. Solmax’s all new BioCoverPro Series uses a special proprietary blend of HDPE resins and additives that enhance the technical benefits of HDPE liners. Solmax BioCoverPro Series is backed by extensive R&D to meet the needs of the palm oil industry for Methane Gas containment. It is manufactured using state-of-the-art tri-layered co-extrusion technology. It is available in 8 meters wide rolls and a specially formulated tan colored prime finish.

High Durability

BioCoverPro Series is highly impermeable and performs exceptionally well to inhibit Methane migration.

Exceptional High durability benefits include:

  •  High mechanical strength against wind uplift ;
  •  Great UV resistance;
  •  Exceptional impermeability to CH4 migration;
  •  Increased service life due to superior heat resistance;
  •  Tan colored surface for cooler liner temperature ;

High Flexibility

Solmax’s BioCoverPro Series provides flexibility at optimum mesophilic conditions. The liner has undergone multi-axial tensile performance testing at elevated temperatures of 400C as experienced by covers for Methane Containment.

Exceptional High Ductility benefits include:

  •  Added flexibility: Ease of installation, welding quality and speed;
  • Excellent multi-axial strains: more than twice the industry norm;
  • Outstanding resistance to stress cracking: more than 3 times the industry standard.
What is polyethylene?

Polyethylene is a long-chain hydrocarbon thermoplastic material obtained through the polymerization of ethylene. Polyethylene geomembranes were developed exclusively to reduce the hydraulic conductivity of earthworks and are part of one of the most sophisticated and effective impervious systems known to date. They are also very reliable in exposed environments due to their excellent resistance to brittleness in low temperatures and superior protection against UV degradation

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