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SOLUFORCE RLP is a new product offering from PipeLife International’s proven line of high pressure pipe systems for oil and gas field use known as SOLUFORCE RTP (Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe). RTP has been manufactured and used extensively since 2000 with over 700 miles installed worldwide in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and S.E. Asia.


The concept of a non-corrosive pipe system for high pressure hydrocarbon applications came about through the demand from oil and gas companies that proactively participated in the development and qualification of RTP in conjunction with PipeLife. In 1998 a JIP (Joint Industrial Project) was created bringing together manufacturers, users (such as SaudiAramco, Petrobras, Shell & BP) and testing institutes to develop a standard to meet their demands. Out of the JIP was developed the API standard (API RP 15S) in 2006.

SOLUFORCE RLP is a non-metallic pipe qualified for use in high pressure Water, Oil and Gas applications. RLP is independently certified by DNV (Det Norske Veritas)of Norway, a third party certification company, to API RP 15S standards.

Manufactured by PipeLife in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, SOLUFORCE RLP is supplied on disposable wooden reels which are easily transported by either road or ship. Subsequently there are no reel deposits or reel rental charges.

SOLUFORCE RLP comes with a complete coupling and fitting system. We provide installation equipment and certified installation technicians wherever the customer requires. Training of third party crews is available on demand. Couplings and end fittings are supplied in either 316L stainless steel or thermoplastic.

SOLUFORCE is a business unit within the PipeLife International Group of companies based in Vienna, Austria and benefits from belonging to one of the world’s largest and oldest plastic pipe manufacturers.

SOLUFORCE RLP is the most economical, non-corrosive and dependable composite pipe on the market today!

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