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- Model AvTrak 6 - Acoustic Navigation and Communications Instrument



AvTrak 6 is an acoustic navigation and communications instrument designed to form part of an integrated AUV navigation system. It combines the functions of transponder, transceiver and telemetry link in one low power unit that has been designed to meet the requirements of a wide variety of AUV mission scenarios and vehicle types. The unit operates in Sonardyne’s Wideband 2 or HPR400 Series tone modes with a variety of other acoustic systems and transponders. It is also fully compatible with Sonardyne’s family of survey quality LBL and USBL navigation systems.

AvTrak has a comprehensive yet easy to use command language that allows the AUV to undertake simultaneous LBL ranging, USBL tracking via a surface vessel and robust telemetry for AUV to vessel and AUV to AUV communications.

This capability can be used to provide absolute position reference data to periodically update the AUV’s inertial navigation system.

The instrument is available in a variety of configurations. The Type 8220 is an omni-directional unit with integral or remote transducer options. This flexible configuration is intended both to assist the AUV manufacturer with mounting of the instrument within the AUV and to ensure the highest levels of acoustic performance. A directional transducer and a high power (HP) version of AvTrak 6 is also available.

The AvTrak 6 supports a Sonardyne Messaging Service (SMS) that allows custom payloads to be transferred to and from any 6G® transceiver. This allows for vehicle configuration or USBL position fixes to be acoustically sent to the vehicle or for status messages to be retrieved from the topside system.

A number of acoustically controlled digital I/O lines are also provided for custom use, typical applications includes abort and emergency ballast jettison control.

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