- Unmanned Surface Vehicle



With high usability in mind, the autonomous EvoLogics SONOBOT unmanned surface vehicle was developed to provide surveyors, service providers and researchers with a smart lightweight solution for hydrographic surveys and other applications in harbors and inland waters. SONOBOT design objectives were usability, robustness and versatility, paired with high-performance of the on-board sensors.

SONOBOT is a small, simple and usable platform for planning and executing a hydrographic survey that can deliver accurate geo-referenced bathymetric measurements and high-quality imagery with minimum transport, launch and recovery efforts.

Specifically for the SONOBOT, EvoLogics utilized the patented S2C broadband communication technology to build an advanced single-beam echo sounder, capable of delivering precise and accurate depth measurements even in very shallow waters. The side scan sonar, GPS system and other equipment options were pre-selected among commercial off-the-shelf products to best fit the SONOBOT platform and offer the user the best configuration for his particular requirements.

High Precision

    • Differential GPS for high-accuracy cartography (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo)
    • Side-scan sonar option


    • Integrated camera for operation in remote locations and surveillance
    • Fast access to points of interest, accurate maneuvers and efficient area scanning
      with precisely controllable hydro jet thrusters
    • Batteries for over 10 hours of operation (at optimum operation speed)
    • Software for field operation and data processing with visual georeferenced representation


    • Autonomous and radio controlled operation modes
    • Wi-Fi communication (GPRS/UMTS)
    • On-board data logging, wireless transmission on demand
    • Exchangeable supports for increased stability


    • Carbon fiber floaters, corrosion-free materials, resistant to seawater and industrial waste water

Easy Handling

  • Fast assembly without special tools
  • Can be handled by a single person
  • Fits into a car trunk compartment for transport

Hydrographic survey

    • Bathymetry and seafloor imaging in ports, harbors and inland waters

Search and recovery

    • Locating archeological artifacts, wrecks

Survey missions

    • Exploring shallow waters, natural reserves, restricted or hard-to-reach areas


  • Regular examinations of underwater infrastructure

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