- Flux Brazing System



Designed to be retrofitted onto existing lines, SonoBraze is ideal for spraying aluminum brazing fluxes onto targeted areas for applications such as fittings, fins, baffles, pipe joints, radiators, heat exchangers, oil coolers, evaporators and condensers. Replaces wasteful dip and pressure spray gun processes with non-clogging ultrasonic spray. Provides excellent uniform flux coverage while vastly reducing flux consumption, and lowering maintenance needs as well as overspray. SonoBraze is proven successful with Paint flux, including Solvay NOCOLOK Paint F-Flux. It is ideally suited for Paint Flux, Paint F-Flux, and Solvay NOCOLOK Paint F-Flux. Our customers report savings of 60% in Paint flux consumption, while reducing maintenance by over 90%! The non-clogging performance of our ultrasonic nozzles is a dramatic and immediate process benefit compared to conventional pressure spray.

The SonoBraze system is configured with one of 3 different low velocity air shaping systems: AccuMist – 0.24-1.5 inch (6-40mm) spray pattern, Impact – Up to 6 inch (15 cm) spray pattern, or WideTrack – Up to 12 inch (30 cm) spray pattern, depending upon spray width and application requirements.

SonoBraze System Benefits:

  • Ability to spray small, targeted areas
  • Self-cleaning, non-clogging ultrasonic nozzle
  • High transfer efficiency minimizes overspray
  • Low maintenance system

SonoBraze Flux Brazing System Includes:

  • Self-cleaning patented ultrasonic spray nozzle with air shaping
  • Volumetric flux pump for repeatable flow rate
  • 20 liter flux tank with mixing
  • Touch screen embedded PC software control
  • Full trigger capability – manual trigger, product sensor, or external trigger
  • 5000 recipe storage

Sono-Tek is the inventor of the ultrasonic spray nozzle, and has been manufacturing precision ultrasonic spray systems in the U.S. since 1975. The unique atomized spray produced using ultrasonic nozzles results in drastic improvements in spray efficiency. Unlike pressure nozzles, ultrasonic nozzles do not use high pressure to force liquid through a very small orifice. Instead, high frequency vibrations are used to atomize the liquid into uniform, micron sized droplets. For more information about the unique nature of ultrasonic spray, go to http://www.sono-tek.com/how-ultrasonic-nozzles-work/

One major benefit of ultrasonic spray compared to other application methods is the breakup of agglomerated particles as the suspension travels down the nozzle body. The liquid is subjected to continuous ultrasonic vibrations during the entire spray process, resulting in more efficient, homogeneous deposition of suspensions. The picture on the left illustrates this phenomenon. And since it is a closed spray process there is no concern for open air drying of flux/binder mixture during the process.

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