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- Model S - Pillows and Booms



The SorbaSet S pillows and booms are sufficient for over a gallon of battery acid, turning it into a solid, neutralized end product, easily handled and ready for HazMat burial with No Further Treatment. Splashes or spills from overfilled batteries can be easily neutralize with the loose powder. Neutralization is complete when the powder sets up into a dry fine mass and is no longer bubbling.

OMNI Battery Response Spill Kit - contains everything needed to respond to a battery spill:

One of the most common hazards encountered is battery acid. A leaking or spilled battery can endanger both people and the surrounding environment.

Packed in a rugged draw string bag that fits behind a truck seat or hangs in a convenient spot are:

  • Three (3) SorbaSet S 1 liter booms
  • Three (3) SorbaSet S .25 liter pillows
  • One (1) 10# bag of SorbaSet S loose powder to neutralize and solidify acid spills
  • In addition, PPE such as gloves and goggles, MSDS, disposal bags and labels are included

Both OSHA and EPA regulations require an in-place response for battery acid spills. The OMNI BATTERY SPILL RESPONSE KIT allows you to meet these requirements conveniently and at a low cost.

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