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Universal SorbaSet Patented Universal Absorbent/Solidifier for Emergency Spill Response Universal SorbaSet is a dry powder, single package absorbent/solidifier that can be used to treat hazardous liquid spills. No special tools or equipment are required. Meets EPA (RCRA) requirements for land burial of hazardous wastes. Effective in reducing flammability, corrosivity, reactive, toxicity and neutralizes acids. Effective on spills of unknown composition.

  • Add Universal SorbaSet powder to the liquid until dry in appearance or until at a stiff consistency.
  • Very deep spills and thick liquids may require mixing to insure saturations.
  • Pressure from a flat shovel or mixing with a hoe is sufficient.
  • For aqueous spills, no further treatment is necessary.

Universal SorbaSet will hydrate and set to a firm dry mass in a short length of time.

For use with nonaqueous liquids, such as solvents and other organics, once the spill is completely absorbed sprinkle lightly with clean, cold water until wet in appearance. Avoid excessive force and dilution. For spills up to 1 inch deep, no mixing is required. Complete solidification will occur within an hour. If material is not set or sufficiently dry within that time, dust on more Universal SorbaSet and rewet.

Do not touch set mixes. use protective clothing. Set materials may be removed with plastic or aluminum shoves (to avoid sparking flammables) or other tools.

Liquids treated with Universal SorbaSet meet al current requirements for secure land burial. They do not weep or exude liquids under pressure. They can be easily handled with shovels or earth moving equipment.

Waste solidification: Solidification of drummed materials may be performed using some sort of gentle agitation for complete dispersion. avoid excessive agitation after addition of water. Simply allow water to permeate mass.

This bar graph demonstrates the retention abilities of solidification vs. absorption. Only the solidified OMNI compounds offer proper retention to meet the regulations for secure land burial.

  • Nonaqueous liquids, such as solvents and other organics.

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