Sorepla Industrie

Sorepla Industrie

- Pet Flakes Granules


Prewash, Auto Sort, wet grinding, washing flakes, centrifugation, separation, rinsing, drying, dry milling, automatic sorting of flakes, bulk packaging and Big Bags.


Granulation process with a decontamination system.

Decontamination under nitrogen Decontaminated flakes - Decontaminated pellets

  • Warm wash
  • Automatic sorting of ferrous and nonferrous
  • Automatic detection by infrared (Pellenc & Titech technologies)
  • Magnetic traps
  • Flakes sorting machines (Sortex)
  • Pellets decontamination system by EREMA Extrusion
  • Flakes and granules decontamination system by SSP BÜHLER

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