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The advanced Nor145 is our top range sound level meter. Easy to use thanks to its large colour touchscreen and intuitive menus. It shares the same user interface as Nor150, but hosted in a smaller and lighter enclosure. Nor145 is a single channel unit optimized for easy connectivity to NorCloud, NorRemote or Nor850, through the built-in WLAN and 3G/4G LTE modem.

Norsonic innovates sound level meters by using a 4.3” large true colour touchscreen, to serve you a user-friendliness that we know from our smartphones. Further features of the Nor145 is a 3G/4G LTE modem, GPS, internal web server for remote instrument control on any device (smartphone, pad or PC), and an advanced voice and text note editor. Even photos and voice notes that you make on your phone will seamless be transferred and integrated with markers to your noise data, by installing the NorRemote app (android store).

All these features do make the Nor145 the perfect tool box for in-situ field measurements.

  • Building acoustics
  • Environmental noise (NorCloud)
  • Product noise testing
  • Noise in the workplace
  • Infrasound
  • Noise nuisance recorder
  • Single Front end for Nor850
  • General noise and vibration measurements

  • Precision sound level meter and frequency analyser according to class 1
  • Easy connectivity via built in WLAN and 3G/4G LTE modem
  • Large colour touch-screen (4.3”)
  • Real push keys for quick operation in challenging environments
  • Intuitive user interface with graphical icons for selection of measurement mode and custom-made user setups
  • Built-in webserver
  • Voice, text notes and built-in GPS for documentation of the measurements
  • Wide frequency range (0,4 Hz – 20 kHz in 1/3 octave band)
  • Parallel 1/3 octaves and FFT analysis
  • 120 dB measurement range
  • Extensive trigger system for reports, audio recording and camera
  • Seamless integration with Nor850 software
  • Easy management of measurement files in NorConnect Nor1051
  • Multi language support
  • Extensive on-board help system

The Nor145 Analyser is designed to be expanded and upgradeable to give you a complete measurement tool for years to come. Norsonic’s retrofit policy ensures regular software updates with new features and new options followed by a 3 years warranty.

Nor145 basic unit includes A, C and Z weighting networks with measurement of Leq, LeqI, LE – sound exposure level, SPL, Lmax, Lmin with parallel detection of Fast, Slow and Impulse time constants, statistical calculation of Ln, and TMAX5. The measurement data is analysed as global values in addition to two parallel time profiles with an adjustable resolution ranging from 5 ms to 24 h. Voice and text annotation included.

  • Option 1: GPS and support for external IP camera   
  • Option 3: 1/1 and 1/3 octave band filters   
  • Option 4: Audio recording and markers   
  • Option 7: Signal generator   
  • Option 8: Reverberation Time decay and calculation of T20 and T30   
  • Option 9: Complete BuildingAcoustic mode   
  • Option 11: Internal web server with enhanced noise assessment functions   
  • Option 12: NorCloud   
  • Option 13: FFT   
  • Option 16: Built in WLAN and LTE modem (Edge - 4G)   

The Nor145 Precision Sound and Vibration Analyser is supplied with ½” preamplifier Nor1209 and the ½” measurement microphone Nor1227. It conforms to the latest revision of the following National and International standard including amendments, all type 1 / class 1; IEC 61672, IEC 61260, DIN 45657, ANSI S1.4, ANSIS1.11, and ANSI S1.43. It also conforms to the obslote sound level meter standards IEC 60651 and IEC 60804.

Nor145 is designed to be the preferred tool for all types of environmental noise measurements. Measurements with markers, audio recordings and event triggered pictures are easily made and synced to your project via the NorRemote app for your phone or tablet (android). The large 4.3” display gives you all the necessary information. Up to 60 measurement parameters may be logged simultaneously.
The advanced trigger system enables different trigger levels for Day, Evening or Night with event triggers to collect markers, audio recordings and pictures. The data can be displayed remotely in a web browser on any device, or by the NorRemote app. From the same remote device, you may change settings or simply check the status of your Nor145.

Nor145 is also optimised for use with Norsonic NorCloud, Norsonics’ cloud service for noise measurement, control and reporting, all easy connected over the internal 4G modem. Find out more here!


  • Twin time profiles with resolution from 5 ms and additional Moving report with trigger possibility
  • Extensive trigger system for reports, audio recording, camera and digital output lines
  • Voice, text and picture notes
  • 5 independent event triggers (LDEN support).
  • Advanced marker management
  • Full remote control support via NorRemote app for smartphone, PC or pads
  • Seamless connection to NorCloud for unattended monitoring and reporting
  • 0-20 sec graphical back erase / pause function.
  • 0-120 sec Audio pre-trigger
  • Seamless integration to post processing-programs and Excel

Norsonic is known for its long-time tradition of creating the state-of-the art building acoustic analysers. The Nor145 sound level meter is no exception!

It can be used as a stand-alone single channel building acoustic analyser, or as a remotely controlled building acoustic frontend (wireless) for the advanced Nor850 multichannel software thru its hotspot feature.

The Nor145 offers a built-in signal generator for excitation of the source room level measurements or for excitation of the reverberation time measurements. The results are measured in accordance with the ISO 16283 Standard requirements. With additional background level measurement results, the Nor145 offers a on-board calculation of the final airborne sound insulation indices DnT and Rw in accordance with ISO 717. Of course, the similar possibility is available for impact sound insulation index Ln,w using a tapping machine such as the Nor277.

The reverberation time excitation may alternatively be based on an impulsive source. In any case, the Nor145 calculates the results for T15, T20 and T30 in parallel.

The Nor145 analyser is seamless integrated with the Nor850 software; either as a remote frontend to the Nor850 Measurement System, or for easy post processing in the Nor850 Reporting System.


  • Complete calculation of airborne, façade and impact sound insulation indices in accordance with international and national Standards
  • Wireless single or dual channel measurements using one or two Nor145 controlled from Nor850
  • Reverberation time measurements with parallel calculation of T15, T20, T30, Tmax and EDT
  • Ensemble averaging of reverberation decays
  • Backward integration of reverberation decays based on impulse excitation
  • User adjustment of individual RT decay lines
  • Signal generator with white, pink or bandpass filtered noise
  • Supports multiple microphone and loudspeaker positions with corresponding on-board energetic or arithmetic averaging
  • Project overview with information about all individual measurement details and project progress
  • Seamless integration with Nor850 reporting software

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