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- Model 2 - Digital Bar Checker



The SoundBar 2 Digital Bar Checker offers a convenient, quick and safe method of obtaining sound velocity data for calibration of echosounders and other acoustic devices. Developed from the acclaimed miniSVS sound velocity sensor, the SoundBar 2 uses a digital time of flight technique that gives the most accurate sound velcoity data in the world. Coupled to a pressure sensor in a durable titanium housing, the SoundBar 2 is lowered through the water column, measuring the sound velocity as it goes. The display unit records this data and presents the mean sound velocity value over the profile, which may then be output in a variety of industry standard formats to the echosounder.


  • The SoundBar 2 is fitted with Valeport’s digital time of flight sound velocity sensor and a strain gauge pressure transducer.

Sound Velocity

  • Range: 1375 - 1900 m/s
  • Resolution: 0.001 m/s
  • Accuracy: ±0.02 m/s


  • Range: 5 or 10 Bar (50 or 100m)
  • Resolution: 0.005% range
  • Accuracy: ±0.05% range

Data Acquisition

  • Acoustic
    • Frequency: 2.5MHz
    • Sample Period: Single pulse, maximum time of flight 145μs.
    • Sample Modes: Continuous or pressure triggered
    • Output rate: 1Hz, 2Hz, 4Hz or 8Hz raw data continuous.
    • Pressure triggered data at 8Hz maximum.
    • Memory: 128kbytes memory gives over 10,000 data points.


  • Output: RS232 output from display
  • Protocol: 2400 to 38400 baud 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, no flow control
  • Emulation: AML SV Smart Sensor, SVP16, SVPlus, Odom Digibar Pro, NMEA, Hypack + others


  • Internal: 8 x C cells, 1.5v alkaline “C” cells for display unit
  • External: 12v DC
  • Current: Approx 0.25A
  • Connector: Subconn MCBH6F on probe


  • Sensor
    • Housing: Acetal housing, polycarbonate, titanium & carbon composite transducer assembly.
    • Max Depth: 100m, dependent on pressure sensor range
    • Size: 40mm diameter by 363mm length
    • Weight: Air, 1.0kg. Water, 0.5kg
  • Cable
    • Type: Polyurethane sheathed, kevlar strain member (100kg breaking strain)
    • Length: Standard 20m Maximum 100m
  • Display
    • Size: 244 x 163 x 94mm
    • Weight: 2kg
    • Protection: IP67 (10 secs @ 0.3m)
    • Shipping: 52 x 46 x 23cm, 11kg
  • Software
  • System is supplied with CDUExpress Windows based PC software, for data extraction and display. CDUExpress is license free.

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