Model SP75 - Mini Cam Crawler System


SP75 Mini Cam Crawler Sewer Inspection System - For use in 100-225mm diameter pipes Manufactured from CZ121 solid brass with stainless steel fittings Powerful 48 volt DC motor with variable forward and reverse speed control Planetary 100:1 ratio gearbox Integral Colour Camera PAL or NTSC 1/4' inter-line type colour CCD image sensor Effective pixels 500 horizontal x 582 vertical Electronic iris with auto white balance Lens 3.6mm F2.0 focal length 6' to infinity Integral Twin LED lights Luxeon enhanced white LEDs O-ring sealed behind toughened glass

The SP75 Mini Cam Sewer Pipe Inspection system has been designed, manufactured and built 'fit for purpose' to robotically inspect pipe diameters 100mm up to and including 225mm. It's brass body assists in the weight to drive ratio allowing it to travel with ease in the small diameters. It has it's own high quality inbuilt camera and LED's for illumination which are positioned centrally in the pipe with various wheel sizes. It provides the user with a robust, reliable and affordable inspection system.

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