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Model SP75VDC1500W - Switch DC Programmable Power Supplies


SP75VDC1500W is a switch mode single output programmable DC source with high power density of 1500W in 1U. It is a high accuracy programmable source using 32 bit D/A,16 bit A/D sampling circuit and its voltage and current resolution up to 0.1mV and 0.1mA and its power output is up to 1500W. SP75VDC1500W supports multi units parallel operation mode (max 4 units), parallel current output can be 80A, makes the application and test more convenient and flexible. SP75VDC1500W also support several units series operation mode. Panel keypad makes it easy for customer to set the output parameters, overvoltage, over-current and overpower protection etc. and one can preview the settings of the unit. Back panel includes the control and monitor connectors, one can operate this DC source by simulation signal or the built-in remote communication interface.

Application Fields:

  • Automatic testing field: can be integrated in the automatic testing system;
  • Household appliances field: can be used to the high-end sound equipments as linear source has small ripple;
  • Communication field: can be used for the tests of mobile charger and portable power source;
  • Medical field: can be used for the test of medical equipments or can be integrated in the medical equipments;
  • Automotive field: support output waveform compile, can simulate the shocks of automobile in different conditions.

Product Features:

  • Universal input voltage range(90V~264VAC) 
  • 1U/1.5KW high power density
  • Simple Master/Slave, parallel & series operation up to 6KW, customizable power up to 15KW according to the needs
  •    of customer.
  • With accuracy voltage and current measurement function
  • High speed programmable interface
  • Encoder knob?keypad and function keys operation
  • CV and CC operating mode can be Switch freely
  • With voltage gradual rise/drop function
  • With programmable function and multimode current/voltage settings
  • OVP, current limit and thermal protection
  • Configured with USB/LAN/RS485/RS232 communication interface
  • With standard SCPI communication protocol
  • With standard external interface and remote output
  • Remote sense linear voltage drop compensation
  • DVM independent measurement function

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