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SPARTOX ozone water treatment systems are self contained systems that produce ozone and mix it with water under pressure.  SPARTOX is easy to install, operate and maintain. It is highly reliable with the main ozone generator component coming with a three year warranty.

The standard SPARTOX system comes with the following equipment:

  • Air Cooled Ozone Generator
  • Ambient Ozone Monitor
  • Oxygen Concentrator/Compressor
  • Venturi based Ozone Injection System
  • Triple Guard(TM) Back Flow Protection
  • PLC Control

Standard systems come integrated and mounted on a skid with a small foot print.  Ozone concentrations of 5-10% are achievable with the system based on power settings and gas flow rate.  On board oxygen supply makes the unit self sufficient, no need for compressed air.  The injection system is designed to achieve 90% or better ozone transfer efficiency under normal conditions.

The generator is protected by Spartan’s TripleGuardTM back flow protection system.  Back flow of water into the ozone  generator will severely damage the system.  Simple check valves are not sufficient protection.  The Triple Guard system employs check valves, a liquid trap, vacuum switch and solenoid valves to prevent back flow from reaching the ozone generator (see system schematic below).  The system has both manual and automatic controls, the latter feature supported by a PLC.  The SpartOX comes with an ozone safety system, an ambient ozone monitor that senses ozone levels in the air around the system and shuts down the equipment if those levels are too high.

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