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- Low Temperature Golden Gate ATR



The Low Temperature Golden Gate ATR is a single reflection monolithic diamond ATR accessory for FTIR ATR analysis from -150°C to 80°C. The system uses a thermally insulated copper and stainless steel dewar in conjunction with an integral heater. The high thermal conductivity of the diamond crystal provides rapid temperature stabilisation, accurate temperature measurement, and avoids temperature gradients across the sample.

This ATR product extends the capability of the standard Specac Golden Gate ATR Accessory to provide high-quality spectral data in the low temperature analysis of a broad range of materials including those that are abrasive, hard, reactive, or corrosive. This product is especially well-suited for the spectroscopic analysis of reactions and processes that only occur at low temperature.
The Low Temperature Golden Gate ATR is a Benchmark baseplate compatible accessory. ZnSe and KRS-5 lens options are available when ordering the Golden Gate ATR; KRS-5 gives a wider range of Mid-IR studies than ZnSe, but with reduced throughput.

  • Continuous control of sample temperature from -150°C to 80°C.
  • High thermal conductivity provides rapid cooling and temperature stabilisation
  • Proven, strong clamping device based on the Golden Gate™ Diamond ATR
  • Thermally insulated copper and stainless steel dewar allows for the use of liquid nitrogen, dry ice or salt & water mixtures.

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