Special Features


Hydraulic hammers have many special features designed to make working and operating easier and faster. The special features can be combined in several ways to create a solution that suits customer needs.

Full line of sound suppressed hammers that meet strict noise regulations.

  • Lower noise level than standard hammers.
  • Easy and more pleasant on operator.
  • Enhanced productivity.
  • Dust tight housing.
  • Less wear of components.
  • Improved vibration dampening.
  • Easy on carrie


An impact energy control system for breaking professionals provides optimum breaking energy and control.

  • More control for operator
  • Suitable breaking energy acoording to the application
  • Hammer and component protection


The E 66, E 65 G 90 and G 100 hammers are available in TUNNEL version, which is specially designed to match requirements of tunneling application.

  • CITY JET as standard
  • Ramlube as standard
  • No stone claw
  • Dust proof housing
  • Designed for horizontal operating position


Uniram-hammer is pin mounted on the carrier and designed for low working heights.

  • Low working height
  • Reduced mounting costs
  • Low weight
  • Tucking under position for transport


The JET-version hammers have water spray plumbing integrated in the hammer housing. Spray suppresses dust effectively in any application. Especially in tunnelling and demolition applications there is a need to reduce the amount of dust caused by the operation.

  • Effective dust handling
  • Less component abrasion
  • Available for hammers and crushers
  • Activated by operator or automatically in conjunction with the operation.
  • For all applications

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